Dance for Västra Hamnen

July 2008: A 20 min soundtrack was produced for Transit- a street festival in Västra Hamnen. The track could be downloaded onto peoples mp3 players and phones in the form of an Mp3 file. Watches were synchronized and everyone turned the track on at the exact same time, listening to sound and reflections from/about the area, while moving according to instructions given in the soundtrack. Unfortunatelly it rained, and many people left. For the ones who did stay, and joined in(about 15), it worked well, though.
A massive thank you goes out to:

Guro Anna Wyller Odden (Creative movement consultant and practical stuff)
Torkild Jemterud (Sound editing and practical help)
Morten Knutsen (Graphic design)
Caroline Von Hove (being a good producer)
Miguel Azcue (for embracing the idea)
Fanfare (For being such good sports)


Pictures below are from a group critique in november, for Andrea Geyers class at Malmö Art Academy. Thanks to everyone in the class!