Galleri Entropi

Pictures from the first opening of Galleri Entropi, my studio gallery space, on the 7th of December 2009. Performance and exhibition by Antonio Corceiro-Leal. Below the pictures is the invitation to the opening.

Fellow students!

I learned about Entropy on a beach in India almost two years ago. The concept itself was very interesting, and I thought easily used in an allegorical sense, descriptive of social life, and in particular art production. I decided to name my future gallery Galleri Entropi.

The first law of thermodynamics is well known, I am sure you have all heard it; the energy of the universe is constant.This law is however part of a pair of statements, first coined by the German physicist Rudolph Clausius. : Der Energie der Welt ist konstant; die Entropy der Welt sterbt einem Maximum zu.

Entropy is a complicated term, with many different meanings. One way to define it is as a measurement for the degree of disorder within a thermodynamic system. For those of you interested in further details, look up the wikipedia article, or a book.
What struck me as an interesting point of departure, is one of the consequences of this second law of thermodynamics. The result of the two above mentioned claims combined is namely that in every process where energy is applied to execute a certain task, there is a great amount of energy that decides to rebel, and go on to complete "meaningless" tasks instead. Take for instance a steam engine in an old school locomotive. Its task is to move the train forward, but because of the second law of thermodynamics, more than half of the energy will at any given time produce all kinds of other things than movement of the train. Mostly heat.

In a drawing of an abstract steam engine, I learned about the cold chamber. The cold chamber is the place were the heat ends up. Normally the air around the engine. Without this cold chamber, the engine would not be able to produce any movement at all. Without the "wasted" energy, no useful energy. And without a place for the meanderings of the wasted energy to take place, no task can be accomplished.
Now; apply these principals to the work in the studio. In my own practice it is an indisputable fact that a lot of the energy I put into art making does not result in concrete results in the form of so called "A-R-T-W-O-R-K-S". However, it does result in something. This something is ephemeral, hard to pinpoint, it is sometimes the creation of new ideas, sometimes social exchanges of ideas, sometimes pure frustration or garbage. My assertion is that these somethings are integral to the art making process, and should not be overlooked. My hope is that Galleri Entropi can be a place to catch a hold of these fast moving particles of ideas and works, on their way from the relative safety of studio to the cold chamber of the world outside the building. As I moved in to my studio on the fourth floor in September I noticed a strange, white rectangle on the wall. This patch of white paint is hereby temporarily named "Galleri Entropi" and will be a place for residues, works in progress, ideas not yet fully formulated and experiments.

The first exhibition: ------ "Birthday" by Antonio Corceiro-Leal ----- opens tonight at nine. Look for the flyer in your pigeon holes and come on time to see the performance!

Ingrid Koslung

PS: Another consequence of the second law of thermodynamics, is the so called heat death of the universe. Watch out!