The task is so big and still so small. What it was and what it becomes merge into activity. To catch the point and the pointlessness of it all begins by admitting to her own insignificance and significance.  Zooming out she knows less and less. Zooming in she knows less and less. (She doesn't spend her time zooming) She stays within the inbetweens. There are patterns there. She is moving. Traces arise. It strains the body. Joints, back, breath and sweat. She gently plucks a flake, crawls around for a bit, spits and licks.

- Thale Vangen, Mora, 2013

Playful approaches to fluid thinking, hacking into scientific experiments. Rearranging concepts of time. Fragile walls, the performers vulnerable breaths are tuning in to a passionate dance. Transforming temperature of bricks and sensual imagination. Molecular dances recycle walls; recycle books to transfigure the library. Children’s complex ways of understanding smoothly transform deep contemplation. Transforming the walls to become rituals. They are no longer objects, but relationships. Species are intertwined, mirroring each other. Mirroring internal possibilities softened by light beams and fluid waves. Imaginations keep dancing through walls. Dance with me! brain wave babies

- Synnøve G Wetten / november 2013

'Grid cells in the entorhinal cortex of freely moving rats provide a strikingly periodic representation of self-location which is indicative of very specific computational mechanisms (………) Our results provide evidence for grid-cell-like representations in humans, and implicate a specific type of neural representation in a network of regions which supports spatial cognition and also autobiographical memory.'

- Doeller CF, Barry C, Burgess N. Nature. 2010 Feb 4

Ingrid Sunde Koslung lives in and observe social groups such as wasps, rats and humans. She reflects on trends and behavior in an unusually intelligent way, organizes and restructures this information and treats the appropriate materials in a beautiful manner, evolving her own group.

- Mari Haugerud, Bomansvik, 2013