On Borders

Here is some documentation from a recent project, entitled "On Borders". It was exhibited in May 09 at Cooper Union, New York, as part of the Exchange Student Show. Two projections were shown next to eachother, one on the wall, the other a backprojection onto handmade paper. The left projection consisted of a filmed performance where handmade sheets of paper with the names of territories printed on them, are succesively placed in front of a projector as it projects footage from the closest 40 seconds possible to videotape before and after 10 different bordercrossings. The second projection showed what seemed to be a mail conversation.

Videostills from first projection:

Innstalation View, Cooper Union:

Innstalled at Lunds Konsthall, Sweden during the group show ESCAPE in January 2011:

Thank you:

Strange Ways Crew
Ainara Elgoibar
Lily Benson
Maria Fosheim Lund
Sharon Hayes
Torkild Jemterud
Zack Poff
Dan Porvin